Copper CZ-75 Grips, "Copperhead" checkered pattern, standard size

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New product!!

Here are a set of copper grips for the famous CZ-75. These are made from solid 1/4" thick Tellurium Copper and 3D machined to exact tolerances to fit the standard CZ-75 frame. These are considered 'slims' and fit most hand sizes very nicely. This listing is for the awesome "Copperhead" checkered pattern that gives excellent traction without being uncomfortable. I will be offering many various checkering, patterns, and engravings on these copper grips, as well as the titanium CZ grips. Please contact me in you are interested in a set with custom options or a forced patina for added uniqueness!

These are pocketed out on the back for weight savings. These weigh in at 6 oz. per pair.