Books for custom scales are closed at the moment while I'm approaching the release of my folding knives, please see READY TO SHIP section for scales that are available right now. Thanks!

About Me

My name is Curtis Berry; owner and operator of Midnight Sun Industries. My shop is located on the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula, and I take pride in that everything I produce is 100% American made! I love to create interesting and uniqe works of art, and enjoy working with a vast array of materials.


Midnight Sun Industries is a machineworks business that specializes in creating unique and intricate works of art using a CNC equipment as well as hours of hand finishing and fitment.

I have created designs for AR Rifle Grips, Zippos, Knife Handles, Belt Buckles, Billet vehicle badges, and countless other one-off pieces. Another thing I've been doing lately is carving photographs into metal. Check out the Gallery for photos of some of these interesting and ecletic pieces.